Award Watch ’12-13: What Would It Take

Last year, I wondered here on the blog about what type of team and individual performances it would take for the Jazz to bring home some hardware in the spring. Continue reading

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What I’m Watching

Three games is too early to draw any conclusions, and I’d say that whether the Utah Jazz were 3-0 or 0-3… or right where they are at 1-2. I think the biggest challenge for fans when the sample size is this small is to not get sucked in to reading too much into a season-opening win over Dallas, or reading too much into back-to-back road losses.

However, it is enough time to begin to see some answers to some of the hot topics and burning questions that surround this Jazz team. Continue reading

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Game 1: Mavs-Jazz Q&A

International League Pass struggled to start the season, logging me out about every minute and making it difficult to follow the flow of the first three quarters.  I haven’t yet had time to go back and watch the game (assuming it works better this time), but I did see the fourth quarter uninterrupted.  Eventually I will, but in the meantime, I’m handing out homework.  Nerd was in the building and had a better perspective than I could have even if the Internet hadn’t failed me, so I’m sending him several questions for his take.

Continue reading

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West Watch

Now that 14 of 15 Western Conference teams have started their 2012-13 season (sorry, Wolves!), it seems fair to talk about this half of the league in terms that are slightly more concrete.

Of course, Kobe Bryant’s right that after you put the ingredients together for a cake, you still have to let it bake; but almost everybody has 1-2 more games contributing to their momentum than they did a week ago. Continue reading

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Roster Ruminations

My offseason was fairly basketball-free, since the draft nearly didn’t exist as far as the Jazz were concerned and I wasn’t expecting a huge free agent splash.  I did keep an eye on my Jazz message board of choice, and took notice of the Jazz roster moves as they happened.  However, beyond the marquee moves, I can’t say the same for the rest of the league’s rosters.  In preparation for the start of the season, I ran through the rosters and updated some files, which led to the following random thoughts on the league:

Continue reading

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Scouting Mo

Depending on who you talk to, the Jazz just picked up their new starting point guard, a capable backup, a trade chip, the point guard of the future or a viable stop-gap.

It makes sense that Mo Williams is that type of enigma, because throughout his career he has been a little hard to define. Continue reading

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Draft Targets? No, Thanks

Last week I talked about the cost of buying into the first round, and yesterday I followed that up with an idea of who I’d target if the Jazz got in at some of those draft ranges. But, as I promised to get to today, not all that glitters is gold. Continue reading

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June Shopping List

Last week, I posted some thoughts about what it would cost the Jazz to buy into the NBA’s big June party. Obviously, though, you only pay the cover charge if you think there’s someone in the club you want to dance with.

To know if the price is worth it, we have to know what the Jazz would get in each of those ranges. There are five guys that excite me a lot, and they range all the way from the discount rack to the headliners. Continue reading

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Pick Watch Renewed

OK, OK, so Pick Watch is usually my brother’s thing. But I’m anxious to reset the whole mess and look at the 2013 landscape where the Jazz can cash in on the final piece of the Deron Williams trade yield. Continue reading

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The Cost of a First-Rounder

After the ping-pong balls settled into place Wednesday night, the Jazz had to deal with the reality that they don’t have a first-round draft pick coming unless they force the issue between now and June 28. The Warriors pick stayed just inside the protected top seven, so unless the Jazz find a way to buy into the first round, they won’t pick until 47th overall.

So what does it take to buy a draft pick? There have been 18 times in the last five drafts that a team has successfully done so, so I broke down those dozen and a half trades to figure out the cost of buying a first-rounder. Continue reading

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